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Turkey Izmir Fair & Marmara Island Marble, Stone & Ceramics

Fuar ─░zmir Exhibition Centre in Izmir

This is about our recent expedition to Turkey, to select Marbles for our ongoing projects.The International Marble, Natural Stone and Technologies Fair, commonly known as the Marble Izmir Fair, is a prominent trade fair in the marble and natural stone industry. 

At Turkey’s Izmir Fair, where artisans unite, Marble, stone, and ceramics take flight. Marmara Island’s treasures, a timeless sight, In this world of art, their beauty shines bright.

Turkey is known for its abundance of white & grey marble varieties. The country has numerous quarries that produce a wide range of high-quality marble options such as Aegan white, Antalya white, Usaka white & Isparta white.

Turkish grey marbles are sought after for their distinct Colour tones, veining patterns, and overall aesthetic appeal such as Marmara grey, Mugla grey, Silver shadow & Tundra grey. They display their stone collection in Blocks not slabs.

Other major regions like Antalya, Bursa, Afyon, Konya & Bilecik showcase a major Marble display;Such as Antalya is known for Antalya white, beige, Emperador & grey. Bursa is known for Bursa beige, white & dark. Afyon is known for Afyon white, sugar, grey & Rosa. Konya is known for Konya sugar, white, cream & beige. Bilecik is known for Bilecik beige, rose & green.

Our visit just did not stop here, as We visited Marmara Island, which is largely island located in the Sea of Marmara, northwest of Istanbul, Turkey. It is known for its natural beauty & Marble quarries.

Marmara Island is particularly renowned for its unique marble variety known as Marmara White or Marmara Equator. It features a distinctive grayish-white background with intricate veining that resembles ocean waves. Marmara White marble is highly sought after for its aesthetic appeal and is widely used in interior and exterior design projects.

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