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Greece is well known for its rich history in marble production and has several marble quarries throughout the country. One of the most famous marble quarries in Greece is the Penteli Quarry, located in Mount Penteli near Athens. This quarry was the primary source of marble for the construction of many ancient monuments and buildings in Athens, including the Parthenon.

White marble quarries can be found on Thassos Island, which is in the northern Aegean Sea. Due to its purity, Thasos marble is highly prized and has been utilised in numerous historic and modern architectural projects.

In Greece’s embrace, from Penteli’s height, To Thasos and Drama, a traveler’s delight. A journey through history, culture, and more, In these lands of legend, your spirit will soar.

It is a pure white marble known for its exceptional clarity, brightness and uniform coloration. The extraction of Thasos marble involves the careful removal of large blocks from the quarry site, which are then transported for further processing and refinement. It continues to be highly regarded and sought after. Its pristine white appearance, coupled with its excellent durability, makes it a preferred choice for various applications, including flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and decorative items.

The Thasos marble quarry represents a continuation of Greece’s longstanding tradition of marble production, highlighting the country’s rich natural resources and expertise in the field. 

The Volakas Quarry is located in the Drama area of Greece, precisely near the Volakas village in the Kavala Prefecture. It is notable for the extraction of Volakas marble, a form of white marble with gray or purple veins running through it. This unusual hue and veining make Volakas marble highly sought after for different architectural and aesthetic purposes.

In modern times, Volakas marble continues to be chosen for internal and external cladding, flooring, countertops, and decorative features in buildings around the world.

The quarrying operation at the Volakas Quarry involves removing enormous blocks of marble from the earth, which are subsequently chopped and processed into slabs or other desirable shapes. The marble is noted for its quality and aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for designers and architects.

Greece’s Volakas marble quarry is just one example of the country’s rich tradition in marble manufacture. The combination of natural beauty, durability, and historical significance has made Greek marble, notably Volakas marble, highly appreciated in the global market.

Visiting a marble quarry in Greece & Turkey was an interesting and educational experience. During the tour, We learn about the geological formation of the marble, the techniques used to extract it, and its various applications in architecture and art. The staff may also share insights into the cultural and historical significance of the marble quarry. Based on our observations, samples, and consultations, We chose the marble that best aligns with our aesthetic preferences, project requirements, and budget. 

Always consider factors such as colour, veining, durability, and suitability for your intended application.

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