Daahlia Homes



In this resplendent hostelry, the Champagne Art Centre, interior opulence doth reign supreme, a timeless ode to lavish indulgence.

Within this luxurious Champagne Art Centre, the lobby unfolds like a mesmerizing tableau of opulence and artistry.

We love what we do for a living, and we love hearing feedback about it. There is nothing better than standing back looking at a completed pool with our customers, admiring the end result.

Our präˌses

We follow a very systematic & detailed process in order to achieve our accompalished design language. It includes a detailed formulated Conceptual development followed by Schematics, Detailed design development, GFC’S, Client Estimate & Site Initiation.

Our inspəˈrāSH(ə)n

The inspiration behind these opulent interiors draws from a harmonious blend of artistic aesthetics and the serene allure of nature. The spherical sculptures and glossy finishes evoke the serene beauty found in the natural world. Overall, the design seeks to create an environment that celebrates the interplay of art and nature, offering guests a sanctuary of opulence and artistic wonder.

Colorful hanging lights gracefully illuminate plush benches, creating an inviting fusion of modern aesthetics rendered in the exquisite palette of light bronze and gold. Here, oriental minimalism reigns supreme, with spherical sculptures suspended like celestial bodies, their play with light accentuated by a glossy finish that mirrors the serene elegance of nature. This scene exudes a playful whimsicality with its suspended, nature- inspired seating arrangements, crafted from precious materials worthy of Elsa Bleda’s artistic gaze.

Transform your space into a sanctuary of simplicity and elegance